A Cinematic Masterpiece

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A Cinematic Masterpiece


ACM have been gigging on London’s queer and music scenes for the past three years. Together the five piece band marries radical, joyful LGBTQIA+ politics with catchy, accessible lyrics and melodies. At a time when identity politics is hot on the tongues of everyone, ACM want to teach you the good lessons while taking you to heaven. Fronted by artist and musician Hatty Carman, and writer and drag queen Tom Rasmussen, the band has been featured in i-D, Dazed, LOVE, and the Guardian.

Vocals, guitar / Hatty Carman

Vocals / Tom Rasmussen

Synth, trumpet, BVs / Harriet Woodcock

Bass / Freya Parks

Drums / Jaca Freer 


live show

ACM perform ‘Go Slow’