Feb 2nd, 2019

Feb 2nd, 2019

Crystal Rasmussen: diary of a drag queen

Tom featured in the Guardian (Feb 2nd 2019) promoting the launch of their book ‘Diary of a Drag Queen’ out February 7th 2019.

Crystal Rasmussen grew up as Tom in a northern town surrounded by hard men and even harder women. Here, she describes the tough and often hilarious journey that set her ‘glam and gorj’ inner diva free

Feb 7th, 2019

Feb 7th, 2019

Diary Of A Drag Queen Is A Heartfelt Memoir Of Queerness and Non-Conformity

Interview in Vogue with Tom about their book ‘Diary of a Drag Queen’ on the day it launched (Feb 7th 2019)

Are we ever really one thing? One personality, one political belief, one gender? Or are we many things at once, in constant conflict with ourselves? It’s these questions that sit at the heart of Diary of A Drag Queen, a new memoir from Lancashire-born and London based writer Tom Rasmussen.

In the book, Tom details their life as a queer, broke and non-binary aspiring fashion journalist alongside the life of their drag queen alter-ego, Crystal, who they describe as “wealthy, gorj and revolutionary” - and as someone who has seen her hit a few high notes, I can vouch that she is a true icon of the stage.

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Inside My Makeup Bag: Drag Queen Edition

Tom writing for Refinery 29 (April 29th 2018).

For so many of us, makeup is about choice, about allowing yourself to choose how the world sees you. The same can be said for not wearing makeup, especially if you’re expected to by society. It gives us agency over our image, which the world is so intent on distorting and abusing.

Above all, in my makeup bag is a kit which allows me to create an illusion which is closer to the truth than most people ever get. Because while people bandy about terms like "fake", I think choosing how you want to look is, polar oppositely, the definition of authentic.

July 15th, 2016

July 15th, 2016

save the george tavern, save london

ACM mentioned in an i-D article about the ‘Save the George Tavern’ campaign (July 2016)

‘As East London's beloved George Tavern faces the possibility of closure thanks to developers, we contemplate the tragic irony of demolishing the capital's rich cultural history in order to sell property to those seeking it.’

‘Since her ownership, Forster has given the stage to endless up and coming bands and artists from Anna Calvi to Factory Floor to ACM; stars from Grimes to Grace Jones, Kate Moss to Justin Timberlake, Amy Winehouse to Georgia May Jagger, have been photographed throughout the building's warren like interior. But amidst London's current frenzy of knocking down historic spaces to make way for flat-pack luxury flats, the George has unsurprisingly been the target of gentrification.’

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the best things to watch, see and do this week

The release of Tom’s book Diary of a Drag Queen listed by i-D as one of the top things to watch this week (February 4th, 2019)

Illegally streaming All Stars 4, obsessively waiting for the UK’s Drag Race spin-off series, and still desperately seeking more salacious drag queen drama? Crystal Rasmussen has you covered. In her new autobiography, one of London’s most compelling queens presents a unique perspective on the queer experience as well as shagging elderly builders, getting hired and fired by famous fashion magazines, fast food, fast fun, and sexual satisfaction. It really makes our own daily diaries seem pretty mundane.

Diary of a Drag Queen is released 7 February.

29th May, 2018

29th May, 2018

New Art riot: london’s creative breakouts

Hatty featured in Dazed (May 29th, 2018) as one of 10 young artists to watch.

Hatty Carman’s cartoonish, Polly Pocket-coloured paintings explore pleasure, queerness and utopia, as well as rats, teeth extraction, sexual freedom and vaginal power. “Despite the challenges of making rent each month,” she says, “I try to create worlds in which those things can co-exist.”'

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The Unsigned London Bands you need to Know Now

ACM listed in Love Magazine as an unsigned band to watch

East London favourites A Cinematic Masterpiece are stalwarts of the queer punk scene, after over two years of gigging everywhere from basements to big stages. Their first album 'Hot Pissy Towel' was a roaring success to those in the know.

May 15th, 2017

May 15th, 2017

Another Magazine

Hatty featured in Another Magazine (May 15 2017)


STYLING Chloe Grace Press

November 15th, 2018

November 15th, 2018


Tom’s second column for Dazed Beauty with illustration by Hatty (November 15th, 2018)

‘As non-binary folk our genders are changing all the time and make-up is a better tool with which to explore and express that than using it to conform ever could. Making your own rules, embracing mistakes, not being afraid to dress-the-fuck up: these are all the reasons we’re better at make-up than most. It’s about freeing yourself, not concealing yourself.’



VOID (1 Granary) Magazine (January 2019)

VOID (1 Granary) Magazine (January 2019)

VOID: 1 GRANARY magazine

Hatty and Tom both featured in an editorial for VOID: 1 Granary magazine (January 2019)

PHOTOGRAPHY Thurstan Redding

ART DIRECTION Jean-Baptiste Talbourdet


HAIR Kota Suizu

MAKE UP Siobhan Furlong

January 2016

January 2016

Get To Know: Hatty Carman, the queer artist and musician voicing your female frustrations

Interview with Hatty for Love magazine

Hatty Carman is the artistic polymath everyone should know about. Whether she's painting dream sequences of getting her wisdom teeth removed, performing at The Box, or writing queer odysseys set to catchy tunes, you can be sure that everything Hatty makes comes back to taking up space as a queer woman through every medium possible.

We caught up with the South London based artist to find out more about her work, her politics, and her artistic icons.

November 2018

November 2018

Introduction to non-binary beauty

Tom’s column for Dazed Beauty accompanied by an illustration by Hatty




So what should a non-binary person look like? It’s the easiest question to answer: like us. Not an amalgam of every gendered signifier cross-pollinated to create an abstract piece of fashion performance (although this sounds genius, and writing it I wish I looked like this).

We look like everyone: we might be the person with buzzcut and the nail varnish, the person in the suit, the person next to them in a dress, the person in the running gear, or dancing naked at your last house party. We are everywhere, we’ve been here forever even if the words we’ve used to describe ourselves have changed. We look like anything we want.

November 15th, 2016

November 15th, 2016

Man about Town Magazine

Hatty featured in Man About Town (November 17th 2016)


HAIR Gary Gill

Tom, Show Studio

Tom, Show Studio


Tom’s profile on Show Studio with links to various projects and live streams

Tom Rasmussen is a freelance journalist, Contributing Features Editor at i-D, and Contributing Editor at LOVE Magazine

Rasmussen is also Editor and co-founder at Cause & Effect Magazine– an independent publication focussing on diversity, queerness, culture and fashion – which launched earlier this year.

Rasmussen is a singer in drag band Denim, and queer performance duo ACM.